The Far Hinterlands

Out of the Fire.

It is the middle of winter, 13 weeks have passed since the Great Fire that destroyed the Order of Five Pillar’s stronghold. Living in the leaky shack has been cramped but made home by the efforts of Tara and Sayana, who visits often despite Garrick.

The Polo brothers (who hired Omak & Goat) have ceased work on the new temple until spring and the red robed Prior has moved into the mostly finished parts of the temple.

Garrick lost a flock of sheep to a ravenous barn spirit, No fire or heat will stay in Nami’s inn, food rots immediately at the Unarg’s ranch and fire sprites dance about in old Yorba’s burned lot.

Members of the Order of Five pillars are being questioned and in some cases detained while the Prior has an open arrest edict for Gainy Julkanpo for sorcerous acts.

Gainy, who hasn’t been herself since the summoning last harvest, and Khesig are missing.


MadJay MadJay

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