The Far Hinterlands

Expedition to Goroh Wood

With Sayona tracking, Omak, Goat, and Khenbish follow the trail of two kidnappers and Gainy and Kheshig to the Goroh wood, just north of Five Roads.

The terrain is rough and the weather cold, but the smell of a fire is strong. When an arrow narrowly misses Omak and nails a tree, Goat springs in to action and chases the bowman.
Khenbish provides distraction to help Goat close on the attacker. Omak, wary of danger to Sayona stays near her but makes himself a target for the bowman.

They chase the bowman a bit west through the wood with the bowman having the high ground, but they begin to lose distance. The bowman is way faster than any man they’ve seen.
From extreme range, and through the cover of trees an arrow finds it’s way into Goat’s front shoulder!

The wound isn’t deadly, but it does end the chase as thoughts turn to getting Goat back to Five Roads for treatment. Khenbish contacts the spirit of the fire they smell and learns about the camp there and that Gainy and Kheshig are prisoners.
The decision is made to head to the camp. Khenbish gets the fire spirit to spook the one kidnapper present and they get the jump on him.

The kidnapper offers them Kheshig back, but warns about freeing Gainy. Gainy has had hair hair cut and glyphs painted on her head.

“The Hag is over at that shrine there and she’ll want that girl back!”
He tells them as he points at the ruins of a tall pagoda across the dry river bed from where they are.

Khenbish cuts them both free and Goat talks about taking the man’s pony, too.
That gets in the kidnapper’s craw and he promises to hunt them all down for that.
They leave the pony and make their way to Bollorma’s hideout just outside of Five Roads.


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