Conflicted Spirit-Binder


NAME: Khenbish “Nobody”, AKA FATE: 10
CONCEPT: Loyal Spirit-binder Initiate PERSONA: 4
STOCK: Mannish AGE: 22 DEEDS:
LIFEPATHS: Born Peasant; Servant; Neophyte Sorcerer
DESCRIPTION: Played by Chuluuny Khulan
STATS: Will B4, Perception B4, Agility B5, Speed B4, Power B3, Forte B4
ATTRIBUTES: Health B4, Reflexes B4, Hesitation 6, Stride 7, Resources B1, Circles B2
SKILLS: Soothing Platitudes B4, Gossip-wise B4, Write B4, Read B4, Research B4, Symbology B4, Great Masters-wise B4, Spirit Binding B4, Circination B4, Spirits-wise B4 , Sewing , Brawling , Orienteering , Sign Language-wise , Persuasion , Falsehood , Instruction
PTGS: Superficial B2, Light B4, Midi B6, Severe B7, Traumatic B8, Mortal Wound B9
BELIEFS: “Using the spirits for selfish ends has brought ruin. I will only call upon them to aid others.
Goat and Omak are the only constants. I will help them however I can.
The Order of the Five Pillars was never what I thought it was. I will build something better.”
INSTINCTS: “Always save some food for later.
Always draw a circle before dealing with spirits.
Return any courtesy shown.”
TRAITS: Extremely Respectful of One’s Betters (CT), Apple-Polisher (CT), Strange (CT), Marked (CT), Mind-Numbing Work (CoT, Call-On for Will when doing mindless, repetetive tasks), Gifted (DT)
AFFILIATIONS: Initiate of the Five Pillars, 1D
DOMAINS: Bound Farms 0D; Bound Road 0D; Bound Westerlies 0D; Sworn Hearthfire 1D;
GEAR: Clothes; Shoes; Traveling Gear; Personal Effect (copybook)



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